Red Roselle

Red Roselle

Red Roselle, Florida Cranberry (Hibiscus sabdariffa) is a tall, tropical shrub that makes for the perfect addition to any garden for its colorful calyx and flowers! 

Grown primarily in USDA zones 8-11, this tropical plant produces flavorful calyces that are harvested for medicinal teas, jellies & jams, salads, and juice. It boasts a flavor that is similar to cranberries, yet slightly less bitter. 

You can expect to harvest calyces as early as October, continuing through the winter as long as conditions stay warm and no frost is present. The Red Roselle plant is fairly easy to maintain once established and receives full sun and regular watering.

Red Roselle has many health benefits, such as it's antioxidant packed calyx, that can be enjoyed as a medicinal tea. This tea can be prepared by removing the seeds from the calyx, rinsing the calyces thoroughly and then boiling in hot water. Our tea division, Palm Beach Herbal Tea Company produces Red Roselle tea  made from all-natural, 100% pure ingredients. 

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