What are FrozenSeed Capsules?

FrozenSeed Capsules are miniature time capsules for seeds! Moisture, temperature, and airflow all contribute to lengthening or shortening the life span of seeds. Too much moisture can damage the seeds and cause them to die. Too much airflow dries them out too quickly.

We use the same seed saving techniques found at Svalbard Seed Vault in Norway as well as the many, many professional seed companies in the US and worldwide.

Seeds saved in air/watertight, low humidity environments can remain viable for years beyond their normal shelf lives. Seeds saved in the above manner while being kept refrigerated last much longer and seeds kept frozen in the above manner can last for decades and beyond!


How should I store my seeds upon arrival?

You can keep your FrozenSeed Capsules at room temperature, refrigerated or frozen depending on how long you want them to last. Seeds saved at room temperature last about 5x longer, refrigerated 5-10x longer, and kept frozen as packaged, FrozenSeeds can theoretically last for many decades and beyond!


Can I use some now and save the rest for later?

Absolutely! Saving some seed for later use and using your seed capsules to store next year's seed harvest is what FrozenSeeds is all about! FrozenSeed Capsules keep most seed varieties viable on average about 5x longer than any other seed storage method.

Our seeds are specifically packaged to stand the test of time!


What does it mean when the orange silica beads at the bottom of the glass vial turn green?

When too much moisture has been absorbed by the orange silica beads, they warn you by turning green. When this happens, your FrozenSeed Capsules critical moisture control ability has been compromised and the seeds inside are at risk of being destroyed or permanently damaged. Using tweezers, carefully remove the foam insert holding the loose silica beads at the bottom and place the Seed Capsule (without the cap) onto a firm, non-flammable surface. Carefully use hair dryer on the lowest setting and aim towards the vial for a few minutes until the green silica beads turn orange. Be careful, use gloves so you don't burn yourself! After glass vial cools to the touch, carefully replace the foam plug and your FrozenSeed Capsule is ready to protect your seeds again!


Why are the cotton and silica beads missing from my vial of seeds?


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