Frozen Seed Capsules

1000+ varieties of rare, medicinal, tropical, culinary, tree, vegetable, and fruit seeds packed fresh upon your order in our Frozen Seed Capsules for use now and for proper long-term storage

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  • Secured Packaging Protects Seeds

    Seeds will arrive in a foam package with germination and growing instructions. The perfect gift for seed collectors, plant lovers, and gardeners!

  • Slim Vials For Easy Organization

    No more countless unorganized brown paper bags filled with seeds. Our capsules are designed to be slim enough to store several vials at a time in even the smallest of freezers, while giving your seeds maximum protection they deserve!

  • Premium Seed Storage

    All of our seeds are stored and sold in air and water tight glass capsules packed with moisture absorbing silica beads and kept refrigerated or frozen. Seeds saved like this in frozen seed banks around the world have proven germination rates of 80% and higher for many years after being saved! Frozen Seeds Capsules™ really work!

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