Welcome to our Medicinal Herb Seed section at FrozenSeeds!  Here we stock hundreds of varieties of rare medicinal herbs, Chinese and Asian medicinal herbs, tropical medicinal herbs and more.

All 1000+ varieties of our seed stock are kept frozen or refrigerated until your purchase to ensure the freshest, most viable seed available. 

Upon your order, we carefully transfer the specified number of seeds for your chosen variety into your FrozenSeed Capsules. Next, we place the glass capsule into the foam packaging which keeps your seeds safe and secure.

Once you receive the seed you can use some now and save the rest for later. Your FrozenSeed Capsules can be stored at room temperature, in the fridge or the freezer, depending on the instructions provided on the package. 

Seeds saved in the freezer last the longest, followed next by the fridge and then room temperature. We feel confident to claim that keeping your seeds saved inside our FrozenSeed Capsules will usually result in seeds that remain viable for many more months and even years beyond seeds saved in traditional ways.