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Frozen Seed Capsules™ 'Do-It-Yourself' DIY Medium Seed Storage Capsules - Ideal for Small Seeds - The Very Best in Proper Long-term Seed Storage

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  • The very best in secure, long-term seed storage. Just add your own favorite garden seeds.
  • MEDIUM Frozen Seed Capsules are ideal for smaller seeds, with double the volume of our small DIY Frozen Seed Capsules. Sold in packs of 1, 3, 6, and 12. Small and Large DIY Frozen Seed Capsules also available!
  • A do-it-yourself seed saving kit for the avid gardener & rare seeds collector. Simply follow the included instructions on 'How to save your own seeds'.
  • Each Frozen Seed Capsule 'Seed Storage Kit' comes packed with color-changing silica desiccant with a cotton barrier and shipping plug. Simply remove the plug, add your seeds and store in the freezer for many years of proper seed storage.
  • The color changing silica beads absorb moisture to dramatically extend seed life. The Air & Watertight glass capsule stops the deadly 'vapor exchange' which reduces seed shelf life. Finally, storing your Frozen Seed Capsules in the freezer adds many more years to your favorite seeds.

Save your own seeds from your garden with Frozen Seed Capsules™! MEDIUM Frozen Seed Capsules™ are ideal for smaller seeds, with double the volume of our small DIY Frozen Seed Capsules™. Each Frozen Seed Capsule™ is packed with color indicating silica beads, cotton barrier, and air/watertight lid. The glass capsule fits snuggly into the foam packaging for safety and storage. Saving seeds is more important now than ever. Frozen Seed Capsules™ are the preferred and proper seed storage method that is used by seed banks everywhere. The biggest enemies to seed life are heat and humidity. Frozen Seed Capsules™ solves these problems by continually pulling moisture from the seeds to keep the moisture levels low for maximum storage. By keeping the seeds in the fridge or freezer you can maximize seed life for many years beyond seeds stored in paper packets. Just follow the included instructions on 'How to Save Seeds' for easy and fun seed saving.