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Hamburger Sea Bean (Mucuna spp.) [PACKET ONLY]

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The Drifting Seed Mystery Yellow, Purple, or White Jade Vine

Mucuna urens, Mucuna sloanei, Canavalia nitida, Mucuna elliptica, Dioclea reflexa

Also known as: Ojo de Vaca (eye of cow), Horse eye, Sea Bean, Sea Purse, Drift disseminules

You will receive 3 Sea Beans seeds - the variety will vary, making it an exciting growing adventure! 

Desirable South Florida Sea Beans! Tropical Seeds that have crossed the ocean and are ready to sprout. Sea Beans are a mystery, fun, and fulfilling discovery. They come from all over the world Madagascar, Jamaica, Asia, the West Indies, as well as Central and South America! Get a new variety with each seed. They are all unique and germination instructions will be included in every purchase!