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Herbal Tea Garden Seed Collection - 6 Varieties of Rare Herb Seeds Ideal for Tea

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  • Offering 6 Varieties of Herbal Tea Garden Seeds in FROZEN SEED CAPSULES, Time Capsules for Seeds. Plant Some Seeds Now or Save Seeds for Many Years Later
  • These six varieties of herbal tea seeds will give you delicious and healthy herbal tea ready to harvest in as soon as 60 days.
  • This herbal tea seeds multi-pack contains the following varieties: Lemongrass seeds (Cymbopogon citratus), Moldavian Balm Dragonhead Seeds (Dracocephalum moldavica), Lemon Bee Balm Seeds (Monarda citriodora), Vana Tulsi Seeds (O. gratissimum), German Chamomile Seeds (Matricaria recutita) and Blue Hyssop Seeds (Hyssopus officinalis)
  • Germination and growing instructions are on the reverse of each package for successful growing, time after time.
  • FROZEN SEED CAPSULES make great gifts!