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Woodland Wild Strawberry Seeds (Fragaria vesca)

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WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE: Seeds will arrive packed inside our one-of-a-kind Frozen Seed Capsules™ - an air/water-tight glass vial packed with organic cotton and moisture-absorbing silica beads. The perfect environment for long-term seed storage!  

ABOUT THE PLANT: Archaeological evidence suggests that Fragaria vesca has been consumed by humans since the Stone Age. It was first cultivated in ancient Persia where farmers called the berries Toot Farangi. Seeds were later taken to the Far East and Europe where it was widely cultivated until the 18th century when it was replaced by the garden strawberry. Woodland strawberry fruit is strongly flavored and is still grown and collected for domestic use and on a small scale commercially for gourmet use and as an ingredient for jam, sauces, liqueurs, cosmetics, and for use in alternative medicine. In Turkey, hundreds of tons of wild strawberry are harvested annually, mainly for export. 

About FrozenSeed Capsules™:

  • Frozen Seed Capsules™ are designed as a time capsule for seeds. They are intended to be stored in the freezer and will protect and preserve your seeds, providing many years of excellent germination rates. Seeds saved in a frozen environment can last for decades. Even storing Frozen Seed Capsules™ in the refrigerator or at room temperature is acceptable and also extends seed life by many years! 
  • The screw-top lid provides an air/water-tight environment to keep seeds dry. The glass vial ensures protection for long-term storage and seeds are easily viewable, yet completely secure; no more flimsy envelopes! Organic cotton keeps seeds dry and comfortable and color-changing silica beads absorb moisture to prevent seed damage.
  • Plant your seeds now or save seeds to grow year after year. Collect seeds from your own harvest and place the seeds into your Frozen Seed Capsules™ to save the seeds for planting next season. 
  • Perfect for both the rare seeds collector and avid gardener, Frozen Seed Capsules™ make saving seeds easy and effective!